35 - How We Suffered in Business and Then Turned Things Around
Digital Rapport®April 25, 2021x
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35 - How We Suffered in Business and Then Turned Things Around

In this episode (How We Suffered in Business and Then Turned Things Around) we spill the beans and talk about maintaining business through lockdown in or particular order we cover the following points:

  • what we have been doing in lockdown in order to maintain and grow businesses
  • what was business like lock before lockdown
  • how was business done
  • has / how did that change  -
  • have parts of your business suffered
  • what did you do to adapt
  • how are you  doing business now
  • contact , communication
  • tips and strategise we can share with others about business
  • resources, processes, growth hacks , productivity
  • how will it be moving forward
  • what software  have been using
  • what we have been doing to generate leads
  • online courses /zoom
  • remote working
  • traditional business
  • sales master for scheduling
  • ticketing system
  • evernote as part of my workflow

Marilyn Devonish - International speaker, Author, The NeuroSuccess Coach - https://www.tranceformationstm.com/

Sifu Lak Loi - JKD Trainer, Author, True White Collar Warrior - http://www.martialmindpower.com

Sukhi Wahiwal - Business Mentor, forbs recognised judge, ted x speaker and Human Behaviour Expert  - http://www.sukhiwahiwala.com

Jatinder Palaha - Digital Busines Coach, Web Revenue Strategist, Author - http://www.jatinderpalaha.com