33 - How to Stay Focused on Achievement and Not Get Distracted
Digital Rapport®March 01, 2021x
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33 - How to Stay Focused on Achievement and Not Get Distracted

In this ¢podcast episode, we talk about staying focused in a digitally noisy world. We explore ways in which we can remain #focused and get things done. In no particular order we cover:

  • Social media as a distraction 
  • Chemical addiction 
  • Why you do what you do online
  • How to be productive 
  • FOMO fear of missing out - online courses, social media, the need to be on all platforms
  • How focusing on one platform/one thing at a time can be the best thing for you 
  • Business insights, mind both insights and spiritual practice
  • DFT daily focused the by Sukhi Wahiwala 
  • Task segmentation  
  • Martial mind power
  • Multi-tasking? Or practised process of flipping between tasks but staying focused 
  • #Clubhouse  
  • How we are actually making the time for distractions
  • Aligning your intention to your true higher authentic self 
  • Social media platform using psychology to keep you on their platforms. Things are designed to keep your attention on their platforms
  • How human connection keeps you alive the plus side of social media

Marilyn Devonish - International #speaker​, #Author​, The NeuroSuccess Coach - https://www.tranceformationstm.com/​

Sifu Lak Loi - JKD Trainer, Author, True White Collar Warrior - http://www.martialmindpower.com​

Sukhi Wahiwal - Business #Mentor, International #Speaker and Human Behaviour Expert  - http://www.sukhiwahiwala.com​

Jatinder Palaha - Digital Busines #Consultant, Web Revenue Strategist, Author - http://www.jatinderpalaha.com