28 - How Skills and Knowledge Can Be Used to Build Rapport With Others | Helene Kempe
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28 - How Skills and Knowledge Can Be Used to Build Rapport With Others | Helene Kempe

Lecturer and Author #BrenéBrown said, “I define #connection as the 2#energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment; and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship.”  

Isn’t it interesting that when we feel seen, heard, and valued the energy between conversations shifts, when we feel valued there is a sense of appreciation and acceptance. There is a deeper understanding found in the similarities which creates a connection of being understood.   And being understood leads to better rapport.

But how does one create this connection, how does one create #rapport with others so we can live in a way that serves both as opposed to just one. And why is this so important in #communication?

Join me on this journey as we speak to international’s #speaker and trainer Helene Kempe as she shares how #connection, #skills and the #knowledge we have acquired can be used to add value and deepen connections and #relationships when building rapport with those around us. 

In this episode we cover: 

  • What is rapport 
  • How does it work 
  • Creating a one-off connection 
  • Skills you can learn for personal and group 
  • Development of Bain based on personal values 
  • Environmental influences on your growth 
  • Interest in something helps your Brian adapt for what you are after 
  • HLPS - highest life priorities 
  • Value-based selling / fair exchange 
  • Looking for the clues, tuning into them, listening
  • Use Questions to open up the conversation 
  • Being present 
  • Energies and chemical 
  • Energy matrix - field 
  • Energy exchange, finding things in common 
  • Out interest vs their interest - add value 
  • Intention for connection (where you coming from how be of service or and do you want to ?)
  • Humbly empowered = grace 
  • Gratitude and instant rapport 
  • Overdog position / underdog - empowered states
  • Equilibrium into balance 
  • All marketing is polarisation 
  • Energy of fair exchange 
  • Connecting online  
  • Create something of value and service 
  • Group rapport 
  • Authority position, care, get to know people 
  • Consistency in brand, service delivery helps with rapport 
  • How are you showing up in the person's view, ie feedback 

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